Pirate Puzzle

How good are you at putting together the pieces?

Solve the puzzle in time and win pigs coins

How to play
  • Solve the puzzle in time (2 minutes)
  • Every time you solve the puzzle, the difficulty increases
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How to play
Difficulty level :
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Difficulty level

The difficulty level at Lotto24.ca is measured by how difficult it is to win the prize.
For example, if there is 1 pig shown, then it is very easy to win the prize.
If the difficulty level shows 5 pigs, then it would be very hard to win the prize.

This week's prize
250 Coins
Next draw:
This week's TOP 10
Marianne-Christine, Denmark (5x5) 0h 0m 49s
Ulla, Denmark (5x4) 0h 1m 32s
Irene, Denmark (3x3) 0h 1m 11s
Overall TOP 10
Maybritt, Denmark (9x9) 0h 1m 58s
jordan, France (8x8) 0h 1m 50s
Johanne, Denmark (8x8) 0h 1m 58s
Johanne, Denmark (8x8) 0h 1m 59s
Darran, Ireland (8x7) -1h -58m -51s
jordan, France (8x7) 0h 1m 32s
Johanne, Denmark (8x7) 0h 1m 36s
Andreas, Sweden (8x7) 0h 1m 37s
jordan, France (8x7) 0h 1m 39s
Ann-sofie, Sweden (8x7) 0h 1m 42s

How to play: Pirate Puzzle

With Pirate Puzzle it's all about solving the weekly puzzle the most times.
For every time the puzzle is solved within the time (2 minutes), the difficulty increases and the player is awarded pigs coins relative to that difficulty.
The game ends if you haven't assembled the puzzle before time expires.

The winner will be decided at the weekly drawing and will be the player who has solved the puzzle the most times.
If several players have solved the puzzle the same number of times, the player with the fastest time automatically wins.

The puzzle pieces will change every week.

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